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The Formula of the Universe

this Quality Quantity is made in the formula of the universe forming infinity of its transformation most in, that defines its existence simultaneously in three equal forms: by the true universe by the expressed form of true ^vero and polar forms of rest and Movement, transformer (transforming) them each other, and also forming its eternity.
       This Quantity of Quality is made in the formula of the universe min a = max b, where min b = max a.
       The particle of transformation forms trion, volume - si^ve having concrete Quantity of Quality. But all trions, trying to return in ^vero - natural condition to aspire излучить from Quantity by another trions and between them there is a force of pushing away forming energy of substation by the universe of movement. The radiations trions develop in energy ways by the universe, at the centres (centers) of which crossing the heavenly bodies are formed. Their rotations around of an axis and on orbits, and also all rotation of the universe.
       "Introduction" denies the Law of the world gravitation and therefore gravitation, and defines pushing away of bodies, but interaction them beams of energy with energy ways by the universe can bend Space and press a body to each other. The space is Quantity of energy, the Time is Quantity of Space. Energy process should explain all phenomena.
1) Illness - infringement of steadiness energy process;
2) Cost price - quantity of the energy, enclosed in the goods;
       Love - result of interaction energy radiate of the subjects etc."Introduction" yet does not give the answers to all questions, but gives a key to their decision and guarantees them, defining a presence of objectssimultaneously in the past and future under the relation to each other, excepting any accident.

       The ^vero true (O) - result of polar potentials of quantity (P - D), hence is considered not as their equality or inequalities, and as transformation max one in min another, that forms the pseudo-paradoxical Formula of the Universe:
              min a = max b,
              where min b = max a
with which both parts are always equal the si^ve Forming essence transformear (transforming) of a constant, when the equality of their parts occurs through certain quantitative late equal 01, when


Трион -
генератор генезиса Вселенной.


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