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Genesis era.


all mothers

                                                    and loved

... With love and repentance.

                                                              Anzheyka ...


Being Times.

Non-story of a requiem.
In 2010, nominated for
Nobel Peace Prize.

2 str

Repentance and Love ...
All Souls slain Evil
Sadness sprinkled bright ...



The People's Book -
it all! readers
"Life Times".
This all took
participation in the creation of the book
means, knowledge,
illustrations and tips.
Looking forward to your visits,
suggestions for improvement
to "Time Being" has become a
People's memories
of all the slain
and a step to repentance.
We pray for you.
Murdered children ... to
"Time Being" has become a
People's memories
of all the slain
and a step to repentance. We pray for you.
Murdered children ...

3 str

You, who came and who came
in this repository
All the books are written in words.
Genesis Time -
Death mangled babies.
Listen to my heart Crying cemeteries.

4 str

24,521 from the PX.

Being Times.

In trehknizhii:

1. Revelation.
2. Trion.
3. Being of ...

,, Living,on the bones of mangled and killed ...

5 str

Life Times" - it's just being.
Man, sub-human, animal ...

      31.07 - 06. 08, 2007. I received a revelation of children torn to pieces, eaten, crucified on the great human baseness, passed through the death of my terrible life of a repressed child's post-war period.
      Part of the message and the other the true facts - it's Requiem for the dead babies, which became the book "Time Being".
      But this book is not about children and religion - it is about you personally, to read it, to know the measure of the resistance or complicity Evil Being, share your love or guilt to the mangled and murdered. And that a convict who you are in this world. Doeth evil deed, bearing Evil Silence, as in the human world of evil, there is no innocent. A knowledge of sin, to understand that

Proud Thy Name - Man! .

      And this is your responsibility for everything that happens in such a small this world.
      And, by renounce Satanism in human burials.

And who you are,
Man, Hangman, and Judah,
You decide.
And remember that Genesis ends with the Day of Judgment.

6 str




Infants and torn ...
Repression, war,
ForbsAlchnostyu Blood ...
They are ... Nowhere
crucified to death,
and in the human world of evil, No innocent ...
7 str
And because of, the Holy Book of Genesis,
final chapter


Before Thee page of Genesis,
written by Death killed.
Read it, become a judge himself,
Matters in Your
Unjustly, sinful,
Love to repent.
And God will forgive you.
And if you afraid of Truth
close to that Word.
But this verdict Judgment Thee
Satan and your soul
will eat.
I decided to read it?
Then find out where is thy Next
Mysteries of Genesis.
To Love and Life? To Death?
And the verdict condemned himself,
Who are you in this world.
Doeth evil act,
Bearing Evil Silence?
Indeed, Man in the World of Evil
No innocent.
Look into the Dark Ages
and look around,
Carry a cohort of Death,
burned at the stake,
blow up all in a row ...
Cemeteries across the Earth
Stone and one of them and putrid smell
8 str
Hearing caress pleasant reward,
A man standing on Them,
Creator of cemeteries and death.
And who are you? Do you personally?
The executioner, or standing silently beside him.
Or who is now living,
Counting coins in a purse,
because your victims
All burials in already ...
And who you are
Living on the graves,
Who killed il helped kill
his stupidity
Bloody Greed il,
bury cowards
Death from scaffolds.
You are the moral carrion? Man?
Or is the Equivalent?
Tell Him and God. You Alone.
And the Day of Judgment has come!
Rotting in the cemeteries
answer for himself
They are now the Supreme Judge.
And you answer for the slaughter.
Who are you, Executioner?
Or the King has chosen Executor
and giving him an ax
Edged Thee
Waiting for the Blood and greedy?
Or Judas, standing side by side
Who gave all life on Earth.
The robber, or orphaned and needy?
Or scrape the Poverty of
Children, innocent, Bogodanny Accidents in the womb
9 str
and turns the flesh servants' quarters
Pieces of Satan in the Golden
Beso and circling in the trash of Death.
Know thyself and repent, sinners!
Your Judgment Day has come!
Are you man il Imp,
in the guise of human,
The executioner, Judas, thief
pitch in the night?
Doeth evil act,
Bearing Evil Silence?
A Man in the World of Evil
No innocent.
Know thyself and repent, sinners!
And read the Supreme
Page Genesis
Written by Death Victims
You crucified.
Read silently. Do not disturb the dead.
Repent ...
and Kaisha ...
Kaisha ...
Kaisha ...

          Name and ... and the Cause of thy
           Genesis wrote in the Times ...

10 str

And the day and night was
And darkness covered the sun
Life And Death is passed into ...


In the name of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

October 8, 1944 Military Tribunal 46 Guards Rifle Division in the Presiding Officer - Justice gv.mayora Trupina and members: the Director and gv.leytenante gv.mladshem Lieutenant Verchenko for Secretary - gv.leytenante a / c Shilova in a closed court hearing in a location other martial races watched the case against Lt. Domoretskogo Vladimir Mikhailovich, 1916 g.rozhdeniya, a native of Chelyabinsk region st.Zlotoust., Who lived in gor.Kurgan Cour Ghanaian region. By sots.polozheniyu - employee, a former member of the CPSU (b) since April 1942, excluded in the the present case of Russian, has a rate of formation of I Institute of Agricultural Mechanization, married, not convicted, the Red Army in July, calling m-ce 1941 military enlistment office Kurgan Kurgan region an offense under Article 58, 10, ch.P RSFSR Criminal Code. Materials of the preliminary and trial


      Defendant Domoretsky during April-June m-ant in 1944 among military and civilians carried out counter-revolutionary agitation: * slandering the living conditions of workers in the USSR, the collective construction, the combat strength and discipline of the Red Army, while praising the procedure in the German army and its behavior in the time simultaneously occupied areas of the Soviet Union, spreading the content of the counter Revolutionary German leaflets.
      Based on the aforementioned military tribunal found Domoretskogo guilty of an offense under Article 58-E, ch.P RSFSR Criminal Code.
      Guided st.st.319 and 320 of the CPC RSlESR,


      DOMORETSKOGO Vladimir Mikhailovich deprive the military rank of "pour Nantes" on the basis of Article 58-10, Code of Criminal Procedure ch.P with the approval of Article 58 of the RSFSR Criminal Code-2 subjected to capital punishment - imprisonment in labor camps for a period of ten (10) years with damage to the rights under paragraph "a", "b", "c" and "d" of Article 31 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR for 3 years with confiscation of property belonging to him personally.
      Initiate a petition to the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR deprivation of Domoretskogo VM, "Order Krasnaya.-Star" Time of departure, to calculate the penalty Domoretskomu II in September 1944
      The sentence is final and not subject to appeal cassation
      Original for the appropriate signatures.
      True copy: Military Prosecutor 46 Gv.SD       gv.mayor Justice - Borovsky
      Right: Art. Inspector of military courts
Colonel of Justice / /
12 str

... He brought and you
Judgment Day ...

Scaffolds Truths.


Anzheyka born a man.
But It was designed
bring people
Revelation of the Day of Judgment,
And the end of Satan.
And Satan Death
And he made his way to Hell.
But the sky to keep it.
And he passed through death
In the Name of Love to the People.
And bring them a revelation.
And the purpose to pass.
13 str


      Pope Anzheyki, War, War of the last two, number verdict was arrested at the front at the end of 1944., Shortly before the victory.
      Anzheyka And, the Son of public enemy, in three years was in the kennels - Barn, which was placed after the Repression orphaned youngsters. Next was a special camp where the fence were the same children of the repressed, but older than twelve years.
      The kennels were about ten Tots, useless, presented themselves living in some wild way.       Stacey lived. Because of the limited contact with people, it had some Poluzveri, half-human, although in appearance from a distance, very similar to Humans. Young one man Satanism.
      A heap slept on the floor in a heap some duds. Little went bad, and even fought like an animal, baring his teeth and trying to bite Each Other. Food was not supposed to, but twice a day to bring Taz mud, which dismantled circles. Then, who could, went to the City of Jackal - stealing everything that can be stolen.
      In the hungry, the postwar period did not apply alms. The townspeople did not like them and beat fiercely and To death. Most of the young one, but perished in winter, when nearly all came the night blindness and, at nightfall, they were going blind. Departing Jackals, the evening did not find the way back, frozen or lost in nowhere.       By the spring is usually all goes nowhere and Anzheyka was the only survivor of the scaffold Truth quiet burial ground kennels ...           

...Anzheyka Happy ...

14 str

Most Wise and Ma.

      Older age at the kennel was Ma, quiet, silent girl. Her bruised figure exuded some kind of pain, and when she emerged from the darkness through the illuminated streets kennel door, it seemed it went into oblivion, dissolving in it forever.       She seemed to love the special little inhabitants kennels and Her Mother's care for all, makes it big and older. And her knowledge of life and a lot of some unintelligible words, made her mysteriously-wise, as it had come from some other, unknown in the kennels, mysterious world.
      And wise Ma, replacing the rest of the kids Mom, carefully carrying a shot in the back of the memory of their parents.
      And she knew something that she called Delightful Tale. In the long, cold and hungry evenings and nights when the whole flock stray into a ball of a flaw, and calmed down, quiet, sincere voice of Ma tale began. It lived some unknown Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Granddaughters, there were many unknown, but this tale has become Fairy, touching and attractive.
      And then gradually abated hunger and cold, became more tolerant of pain and sly young one to sleep. And Quiet Love Ma covered with a blanket of Magic Peace and Tenderness. And the young one dream wonderful, fabulous dreams.
      Anzheyke dreamed that he would go Jackals, will produce and bring joy to all, many, many Ckazochnoy Meal. And if he was caught and will beat and kick evil, smelling ChelovekoZhivotnoe Death, He will close the head with his hands, relaxes the body and then, maybe He will not hurt ... and maybe not kill him ... ... Quiet, quiet tale burial ground ...
15 str

Radiant Oyka.

     It was the smallest in the kennels. She had no name, but she had the big luminous eyes, the blue fairy in the oppressive darkness that melted her new home, miserable, Sarai Orphan.
     But in the children's perception of Peace, Unity of Being and created the Unknown Dreams, it was just a small room in a large lower-and high-Temple of Heaven.
     Living in the Temple TemnoHmuraya sleepy night, the morning dawn shimmered on the Day of Black and Blue Light of Dawn. And when it was bedtime, not played enough with the children Prankish Day, reluctantly, and caprice, poured back into the Black Blue.      At the Height of the Crystal Palace at home, and lived her new friends, Shimmering Stars and Purity Strong, smiling bunnies, Merry Sunshine.
     In this Universe She Transparent Lily of Purity and Love blossomed tenderly to all for the first time what they see or are already familiar. It has a bell a few words, was a song quietly radiant Goodness of Being. In a quiet Tale donated her life Touch Her tiny fingers magically relieves the pain body and soul. She is serene ship, swam between wrestlers and the fight stopped. And woe to the inhabitants would, who would have picked up on her hand.
     And nonhumans, young one kennel, not having even the names and living Wild survival instinct, never hurt the weakest and defenseless creature. A tear of love and sorrow.
     When he saw something strange, it is widely open their Magic Eyes Smile at a standstill, and comprehended what he saw, quietly said, "Oh."
     And this was the beginning of her oh miracle, Her light Radiant Happiness and Its Name, "Oh-ka." The strength of her love was in her helplessness, and her tiny body was living with amazing kindness to the environment, Her Little Big Heart ...
     She was a minor miracle in Silver sad time.

      And quiet ... a drop of Love
     BoE in mortal human truths...

16 str

Who - Who?

     "How old are you?" - I was once asked Ma. I said nothing. "And you remember Mom?". I said nothing. "You know, Anzheyka, you have a large - Ma went on - and to know that every boy should be Mom." I paused, looked at his hands around and looked at Ma. "No, I'm not Mother - Ma said. - I'm Mary. A Mom - it's Aunty, who ... who ... who loves you more than anyone. " I said nothing. I did not know any Tetenek.
     "And there's Dad - a pause, he continued to Ma. - But that's not when they say the Pope - the enemy, and you begin to beat. Dad - it's kind of aunt who loves you. " I paused and asked, "Auntie and Auntie?", "No, Anzheyka, Dad - it's like Uncle Auntie." I paused and asked, "Uncle as Auntie?" - "No, Andrzej, Dad - it's like Uncle Auntie, Uncle .. that is a - confused Mary. - Okay, Anzheyka You're still small and can not understand what Mom and Dad. I'm sure you explain then, sure. It is impossible to forget! "- Echoed Ma and sighed Memory of the past. I said nothing.
     I have not forgotten. I was silent ignorance. My mother was in prison for the Pope, but I did not know about it. And I was Anzheykoy a kennel, because I do not know my Mom. But I was not and Anzheykoy. I was the Son of public enemy, whom I did not know and have never seen ...

...Truth is Quiet Kennel
of anzheek, oyek and small ...

17 str


     On the contrary kennels, the Camp was barbed wire kennels, with a huge badass sheepdog resembling a wild beast, angrily rushes per Elder. He was given the morning of a big bowl of food. From kennels to him did not fit, they were afraid, but from afar Kids took over his vicious habits of the Beast.
     Anzheyka very ill in winter, but survived, though not yet able to walk Jackals. With the warmth has come out on the street, where lay idly watching him and the Beast rages Coxae worn. He recovered and appeared familiar feeling of hunger.
     One day, when the beast brought pelvis, Andrzej rose heavily and walked slowly to the Beast. He was eating, growling angrily. Seeing sideways Anzheyku, Faces turned to him, still there, choking with anger, and baring his terrible jaws.
      When the enemy came very close, I'm going beast stopped, crouched and ready to fatal leap. But Anzheyka, suddenly fell on all fours like a dog ran up to the pelvis and, lowering her face into it, began to lap quickly muck. Embossed on the understanding of the Beast average, a steel body softened.
View defenseless lump, varnish, and substituting his food to him thin, open neck, momentarily stopped the need to kill him Man of the grafted.
     At the same moment in the Beast came to life and captured the all-conquering the law of life, who was killed in his Genes
18 str


     The beast awoke and saw that food decreases, thrust-Face in the pelvis, with a sidelong glance at Anzheyku and began to lap quickly, quietly growling. When Anzheyka, catching his lips elusive muck, approaching half of the beast, growling grew stronger.
      The food was eaten. Anzheyka moved away and sat down. It is difficult gasped and began to look like the Beast licks Taz. When finished there, Beast warily sat down.
     Anzheyka quietly got up, walked to the Beast, hugged her little hands grinning mouth and a bell began to laugh. It was the end of the Beast.
     Anzheyka knocked him down to earth and lay there, pressed against him and died. The beast is inconvenient and obediently lay nearby.
     Beast-killer Weapon Death of Man Satanism, first touched the tender warmth of life and a small lump nude Sorrow, trust Him, who knew only the chain and the Vile Person

      Angel was his ...
     Quiet Mysteries of Love
      murdered by Pohost
                                                   Thou shalt not kill.

19 str

Who are you?

     Anzheyka when there was no man, went to visit the beast, and if was very hungry and ate with him out of a bowl. Then he hugged the Beast, concentrated dragged him by the tail and ears. The beast from his pant diligent, secret love relax your body is steel, but to maintain its animal Honor, sometimes growling and resisting.
     Hearing the roar of the Beast, Anzheyka turned to his face, wrinkling, and spout, eyes narrowed, staring at him. And when the beast met the gaze of those half-closed eyes from him there was only a trick roar, the rest of Endless Love was dissolved in a wrinkled nose.
     From such irregularities Anzheyka frowned and fingers, gentle as a kiss, Sternly waved under the nose of the Beast: "I am the same with you. We are serious, adult animals, why do we Oykiny Nonsense! "The Beast Tail waving shyly and tenderly afraid of love, guiltily asked forgiveness from the Lord of the Terrible, unprecedented even in the brutal world of ...
     But it was secret and the most happy moments in the life of the Beast. And live drop of Compassion, and Blood Vile Peace, Love destroyed his Scary Killer Status.
     Once Anzheyka sat against the Beast, stared at him, mouth open. Then he stood up beside him and, looking at the brutal kind eyes and asked, "Are you Daddy?" Beast licked his face. Anzheyka laughed happily and hugged the Beast ...

...Happiness a quiet burial ground ...

20 str


     Anzheyka asleep, pressed against the heat of the Beast.
     To him, staggered, walked huge man, owner of the Beast. They nourished Seeing Quadrupeds Death, warming someone's life that she has prevented the chain, and the dreadful nye teeth ripped pants and leg only.
      ChelovekoZhivotnoe mad with pain, threw the bloodied An zheyku to Earth and began smashing his boots.
Then he bent down to breathless Taurus and kill, ChelovekoZhivotnoe rabid hatred.
     Andrzej Raising the collar, Gro madny Man breathed on him with turpentine and hit in the face of huge hairy fist. Beast ki nulsya on Man, but he breathed Death: "I'll kill you."
     A huge man, staggering turpentine, went to the guardhouse, and children carried Anzheyku in the kennel. And the beast raged on the chain ...
     Long and hard Anzheyka died. Fragmented body of any movement of Pain echoed the whole world. Lying motionless on the emerging black spruce Bedsores Rot umi rayuschee body, and the corpse worms in them, in the coming Trizna Death, sweetly sucked without zubym throat tender meat of the Child. Wise Ma frantically fought for his life, and radiant Oyka magic knob removed from his face seal of death.
      But the body is weakened, and all slowly dying. Coming to an end ...

     Silent tears ... and Girls
     cried quietly farewell love ...

21 str

But it saved the life of death.

     Continue on the Prisons and conducted a children's stage, to let him counter Zychku put faces to the wall.
      The need for the broken parental love, Kid Stage erroneously recognized Zychke his mother and crying, 'Mama' rushed to her.      But the vigilant man hit him in Boots Big Prison Key on the head.
     Kid pressed his face into the concrete floor and his "Mom" was a farewell to this world. He was written off and he disappeared into nowhere ...
     After a few years, acquitted of Merit Big Daddy baby, and began to search for the Son. These baby in something Anzheykinymi coincided with, and that immediately put in a medical unit, brought doctors and some Spetslekarstva ...
     And the innocent, bright soul of Slain Child, descending from heaven, shut Him from Death dying tiny life ...
     ... in Paradise Her Cradle
     twined with tender buds of flowers,
     was always filled to the brim      Parent quiet love of God ...

22 str

Dear, kind God.

     Anzheyka did not know that there is something that God, but God knew that there Anzheyka and, one day, down from the heavens, the Lord asked, What Do you want a little Anzheyka? "
     Anzheyku never asked what He wants, and he pondered.
     For some reason I remembered how Ma told me about Mom and how some aunty-like Mom fed her child. And to feed Anzheyku His mother must live in the kennels, walk Jackals. It will catch, hit and kick. And she will be very painful, as it is painful to him. And Mom would cry silently to hide his pain from him. A blind Mama, and the winter freeze and the body somewhere Ee will chew filthy rats ...
      And he remembered the winter and as winter nearly all disappeared in a kennel anywhere. And, once he returns from Shakalki go down in the kennel, because of the sinuses would get a piece of warm bread and offer it all at arms length, Happy Hand. But no one will take the Bread, No ckazhet softly, oh, "and sounding Death Hollow Kennel cling by their claws into his soul and orphaned, the Holy Bread will fall to the burial ground with outstretched arms crucified ...
     And then He remembered how once his Shakalke caught, beaten and kicked, and then began to poison two dogs and, as a Satanic Grin of their teeth, pierced not his body, and in his soul and tore it to pieces ...
     ,, Why are you silent, small Anzheyka? "- Something that God asked him again.
     ,, I want to not bite Dogs that Winters was not and that's never been Mom. "- He said Anzheyka.
      And froze the outstretched hand of God to pat crooked flaws in the Taurus and clenched fist in the Terrible Vengeance ...

     ...nd quiet, Holy Love babe
     Crucified on the Great
     Meanness of Man
Pain shot through the Heart of God ...

23 str


     Little thief, a year living in the kennels, the morning went to Shakalku for matches. And after an hour, throwing on the road stolen beets, like a bloody heart, skedaddle from the man in whose hands was a wooden stake, broken bones better than boots. Eyes of the Great Man Burned human truth. The distance between them rapidly decreased and was advancing voluptuous Mig retribution.
     Running by the well-known, open heating conduits, young one kennel, in anticipation of the End, jumped on him. Having flown a few meters, kicking a concrete floor. Stroke Pain pierced body Pitchfork Kid Navilnikom and broken bones tossed on a hot pipe heating.
     Hurry young one tried to squeeze through the pipes in the course of Dungeons, helping hands. When pushed down, Wild Pain Foot Shot a fractured consciousness. Hands, covering the burning pipe, weakened, and he was in Sideways sliding gap between the pipe and the Wall.
     Body rasklinilos in slots, which became the Trap-Tomb. Packed with Death Detolovkoy of human meanness and the last refuge of Sodom Repression, Kennels and stolen beets.
      The pain Kid mutila Consciousness, Heart broke in the chest. And he has calmed down ... Somewhere at the top was removed Growl ChelovekoZhivotnogo, beets and picked up in anger thrust in Her Teeth Grin. And the animal seemed sweetly, that he drove his teeth in the naked heart thieves and instead of juice It bleeds ...
     And armed with Satanism Codlea Righteous, making a mammoth hunt on helpless Infants Childhood, razila Their swinging wooden stake of human truth.

     .. And quiet, a little meanness of Death
in the Great Truth of Human ...

24 str

From the Death of Death in Hell.

     How long was lying thief, forgetting Pain, and when she calmed down and tried to get out of the hands of the burial ground. But the Force was not enough, and Help Leg Pain rained and he was struggling in convulsions, choking himself increasingly in the gap Graves. And at least a small child trying to become free from Embrace Steel Pipes and Dungeons.
     And the Betrayal of human meanness GadkoMedlennym sucked into the pipes of Death Life doomed innocent child.
     But one death, for his tiny, crucified man a terrible life, it was not enough.
     And the child stepped into the second death. Start to burn unbearably tube, red-hot coming winter. Burning pain of broken legs and burns right through pipes, became Inquisition. The child turned into a blister, which was brewed his innocent body.
     The last time he regained consciousness, opened his eyes and hooks his death clung to Them Bones, tearing of the fractured life, make a body. And parting with Life, Child wildly and screamed as the bunny in the steel claws Kite. He had forgotten Farewell Pain, God's word "Mom."
     And he did not know the whole of Great Childhood without Borders has basely Koi alive and all that could be destroyed. And lived STI ChelovekoZhivotnyh killing Satanic Hatred even killed.
     And from the second Death Infant Death stepped into the third ...

     ...Crucified on the meanness Child,
     Love born of quiet ...

25 str

People KrysoCheloveka
and ChelovekoKrys.

     Death Scream thieves in the first dungeon heard Moustached, filthy rats. He looked in the mirror is important Stinking Puddles dripping from the pipe. Grin of prey, poisonous Death camp Jaws, his bristling all known, filthy mustache, and it made more rotten filthy Rat Baska.
     But so it was brought to the People of Their Infernal Rat, which graced the Trash, and exalted Pogantsa. The people that ate carrion, Wash are all-conquering truth about the Rat Kingdom. Great Dream of all was the destruction of pagan Holy Earth in the first place of the Divine Soul. After all, their main enemy - man, devoid of soul, becomes the same nasty, but it was a victory over him, and he became a man of ChelovekoKrysom ...
      Hearing the meat grinder called Maw Neu Call of Death, bloody pagan ally, inviting them to the sacrificial Trizna, Whiskered Rats were rushed to the Party promised feast march, foul smelling nose and crooked legs turning over frequently. And all KrysoNarod rushed after him.
     But first a sacrificial feasts were Whiskered Rats and nimble Krysenysh filthy. And the reward He was fond human soul has not left the body thief, in which a little smoldering fading life. Inexperienced Krysenysh clung to soft, supple belly baby, teeth and claws tearing the course of a cherished soul.
     Experimental rats were stuck in the curved scimitars Fangs throat, because somewhere there was his great fame. Trying to beat Death, He ruined Hole Neck thieves. Rat Baska Vscheril sharpening teeth in the chest and grabbed the baby lust.
26 str
      Tremulous soul, the divine gift to man, fought with anger at the flaw rat poison and defile mouth.
      A little boy struggled and fought in the Great Human Detolovke meanness. And the Rat, and fraternized in His Pure Blood with ChelovekoBesom, gave them their child to Torn apart, torn by pain and blood of unclean noses holy, innocent victims.
      Death snatched life from the eyes of thieves and the heart stopped.
      Wounded soul separated from the deceased body and rotten rat, and shot up to heaven. And all the filthy Rat People, slipknot rostrum Truths and loyal high-pitched howl loudly exulted over the Desecration of the Divine Soul.
     Then, lousy fleas jumped on slop Kubla body babe wild group sex Malice, Fighting, squeak and squeal, partaking of His poganoEtichno goes nowhere, krivozubymi saws Mouth.
     And the Stones picked purely thieves became a monument to his grave. Was not ...
     Before dawn, after Mogilny Horror Nights, learn to stand on its hind legs Academic Trash from the Academy of Sciences, Rat, put picked Rat bone thieves in his mouth grinning skulls that everyone thought that Winning in mortal combat attacked him KrysoLyudoedov and "praising the orders to their army," the child has eaten itself.
      filthy rats, both raped and tasted the immortal human soul, was the great, mustachioed KrysoChelovekom. And only then, from him, began to breed successfully ChelovekoKrysy other ...

      ...and Dungeons
     sometimes heard
     Cry baby quiet ...

27 str

Not knowing his name
and knew a few words.

     He was the Pacific and inconspicuous in the kennels and at times resembled a kind of transparent, non-existent shadow, penetrated into this world with the Light of Hell Kostrov breathing through the Wall of Life and Death.
     He visited the interrogation of his Mom and enraged man in Boots beat him at first. Then his eyes began to overwhelm Mom, strongly waving, shod in boots of His Truths. Bound Pain and horror, he wanted to shout, "Mom," but fear paralyzed him. And it is not pronounced the Divine      Name of the Holy Ward left in him somewhere.
Since then, he stuttered badly, but all strongly waving or moving horror evoked in him, goes into paralysis.
     Crushed boots child's mind, turned him into a decaying fright StrahoSotvorennoe Being Human in the panopticon Truths.
     Before going to sleep he looked sad, frightened eyes, lay at the feet of Ma, hugging, pressed against him, calmed down, and the painful darkness of being enveloped him ...
     He also went Jackals, but could not steal him, and rarely got it some kind of production ...

     Being in a quiet Horror
     He was the prey ...

28 str

Lousy bastard.

     Not knowing his name slowly walked around the city. From hunger and weakness slowly spinning head.
     In one of the benches along the road he saw a man finishes a bottle of vodka, and a newspaper in front of him lay the slices of bread and leftovers. The child sat down on a detachment from the saddle nyuyu bench and waited for care man, and then perhaps He would get the leftovers, and an empty bottle.
     The whole vast world of him going into the Genesis of Human Obyedkov splinters.
     Suddenly, from behind a corner house rolled Little Girl on scooter. Eyes wide with fear and fright holding the wand Helm, She rolled across the path of ehavshey Road Machinery.
     Not knowing his name he saw the girl, rushing at her with big car. In horror he remembered man in boots and paralyzed shrank in the shop.
A collision with a car when it was already inevitable, threw great instinct of love of the Child. He knocked and Scooter Girl on Earth, and fell on them. The car swept past.
     Because of the angle of the House jumped ChelovekoZhivotnoe in a skirt. Seeing her lying on the ground neat girl, scooter, and above them homeless, worked in her malice aversion to the dirty and hungry. She decided that he takes up Daughters Scooter.
29 str
     "Life is not from you, lousy bastard" - she cried, strongly pushed him, and lifting and Scooter Girl, They went around the corner.
     Push on the child tipped over his back to Earth, hit the curb on Viskov and lay, looking at the sky Lightning gibnuvshee.
In his eyes one last time shot up Upwards Boundless Universe and the Divine and fell down, broke on the human meanness bursting fire, shoot him with sparkling Fireworks kills pain.
     Being Obyedkov, exploding hatred extinguished horror of death ...
     A person is not finishing his bottle, got up, softly swaying left in my life.
     And on the bench, became a farewell tomb, and lay it on the newspaper, there aren'ta lot of vodka and a slice of black bread as a memory of the deceased.
     His Mom and Dad were in the graves with bullets in the neck. And was there to say goodbye to the blessed God gave the world life.
     It was only a newspaper, as lively, rustling and stirring in the wind, waving forlornly after departing soul ...
     Some beggar drank vodka, ate bread and prayed to the Holy God to His ...

    ...Well on the other, silent and weeping rain Morning,
     Unshaven Man buried lousy bastard
     in a shallow pit on the edge of the cemetery ...

     ...With lice ...

30 str

Brothers and Sisters of Death.


      Day, angry autumn, poured cold rain.
Returning to Shakalki by well-known, open heating conduits, Anzheyka down to it, to wait out the rain.
      When the eyes are accustomed to the dim light at the entrance to the Dark Dungeons, which lies in the gap between the pipe and the wall of the cranium, with a protruding mouth bone, stared at him with mournful eyes of his. Nearby were some - the rags with sticking out of them Bone Body. Looking at the scary cemetery, Anzheyka recognized flaws in the missing clothes Shakalke thieves, who had gone to procure Matches.
     He squatted down near the wall, and was silent He remembered how long ago they were at ease with the thief sprawled on the grass, smoking a fat calf in half of the Kazbek cigarettes, quietly rejoicing sun. And good Heaven smiled at them tenderly soft blue ...
     Suddenly in the Darkness Dungeons Anzheyke heard a baby crying silent. Anzheyka shuddered, stood up, looked at the skull, bones, into the impenetrable KrysoTmu, farewell look at the thief and climbed out of the Well Back to the Light and Life.
     And in the man-made Hell on Earth, where Devils replaced KrysoLyudi remained silent cry of a baby, picked thief, and almost a full box of matches with him in his bosom.
     Returning to the kennel, Anzheyka spoke about what he saw. All silent and subdued but Ma aloud a quiet little boy Teardrop and his parents, who were Asians, and maybe Americana that it just did not understand from His words. All remained silent, because the kennels are also no one knew about some words AZIAMov, Ma said the wise.


     And only moaned softly lying in the corner of a small Ikton. That meant his urging, Ikton, the kennels did not know No one, though he lived here since the Summer. Yes No it was not necessary, because it does not cling to life to any party.
     Recently Iktona caught stealing erasable rags hanging from a rope in the courtyard of a large house. Knocked down a brick in the back, but did not beat.
     According to the Council of smart people stuck fingers of his hands in the gap between the open front door and door frame, where they joined the eaves. Then the door closed, turning the toes in a flattened, bloody mess, and let go with peace.
     The execution of this came up for the little people Fraera-Thieves-Skokarey, groping in the yard and flat, and, especially, Shchipachev pickpockets. Executed this way, then, because no matter what rotten, stiff, outstretched fingers Veer, became Kaldyryami Not Steal, No Pokaraulit, and ended life in the trash chmoshnymi monsters. Overwhelmed by the entrance door Human Truths ...
     From the fall of a brick in the Back Ikton stopped moving. According to the Council of other knowledgeable people, dragged him much rope from rags hands, so that from them flowed the blood, loaded onto a homemade cart and a man took him to the kennel ...
     Regaining consciousness, Ikton opened eyes. Seeing this, Oyka called Everybody got happy hoarded bread slices. Big Ma crumbled them lying motionless little Iktoshe. A Anzheyka took mug and ran to fetch water.
     But no matter what child did not respond and just stared black eyes from the pile of lush, black hair, as if saying goodbye to all forever. And the mournful cry loudly silent, very constricted with ropes from the rags already Black Hands Child.
     The Black Trinity of Evil, UmnoZnayuschih Ogre.
     Then again, Ikton forgotten, and in the evening he died ...

      in the absence of matches,
     The children ate in the dark, quiet
     crumbled bread ...
     And some of the neponyatok
     of AZIAMov not necessary
     even cursed, wretched kennels,
     Satanic Humanity
     His Great created the Truth
     sending them to the cemeteries
     Children are a myriad of ...

                                   and those little life ...


Crucified Star

     Oyka hit in the kennels for some disease stages and obtained for them, eating it from the inside. Burning, She gave the outgoing heat of life to others. How to slim candle in the temple, it was burning and the light and make the world around her with the Holy. And all were drawn to her warmth, and as tremulous Spark of Life, obscure the gust of wind of death.
     Anzheyka next to the tiny, wide open for all life, I felt bigger and stronger and it made him ready to protect the small and weak, was filled with surprising sensitivity Article PTO Compassion. Once Anzheyka Jackal a few days and came back and brought something amazing Tasty and incomprehensible, which no one knew the names. And only the big and wise Ma called this some strange word. Everyone got a piece. And Oyka looking at this in the last races smelled her amazing eyes and said softly: "Oh."
     But quickly burning out spark Oyki Temple, closer to the Earth fell Spark Her Life and Death of Human jaw has her mouth burial ground.
     And the next day a heavy, clinging to the kennel Early Autumn, suddenly woke up sharp, frosty snowflakes.
     This was the beginning of the End Oyki fleeting. The disease rapidly worsened and she became blind first. Oyka quietly and silently lying on the floor in the flaws kennels. Her eyes are blinded fabulous farewell glow.
     Diamonds Tears in Their immense pain drowning Bad, Wicked World, saying goodbye to the dying star. And when the occasional Pacific Bell rang her voice, it seemed to burst rang and Grave Silence of the head of her bed.
     Food and heat are the goal of life young one kennel, but it all turned out to have something Better Oyki.
     One night Anzheyka woke up, got out of the flaws, and blindly groping unseeing hand on the wall, went to the door. Suddenly, from out the spot he knulsya on something lying on the floor, hit the wall, squeezed scratched forehead and came back.
     Could not sleep and it seemed that the cold wind of death makes the kennel in the cemetery, and from then on top of God, the tears dripping luminous eyes, tiny fingers touching farewell to his soul.
     And when the darkness lifted heavy and the young one back to the vision, the way out to the world lay Orphaned already Oyka The cooled a little, with wide open, magic eyes ...
      She was not buried. The man took the half-drunk Oyku out of garbage and left on a white burial shroud, suddenly hushed night covered the earth ...

      while living in a garbage Black Raven
     Death and fed on carrion,
      plucked out her eyes ...


Has no name.

     Farewell, snow-white shroud, for a few days ukryvshy orphaned earth, weeping streams Oykinyh tears, silently melted away.
     Again, a long established dank, moaning winds and burial funeral Autumn. Time angrily tore branches from the bones of meat flies, BagryanoMertvoy Foliage, Autumn colored blood of the dying.
     Once again, horror was the Holy Land, was covered with another, KrovavoZhuhlym Shroud of Death.
     A Meanness, intestines human truth, delayed the stranglehold on short, farewell melody Doomed Babies ...
     In an evil, smelling Death Night, the kennel got huge ChelovekoZhivotnoe in Boots. With a glance swept the muddy cemetery, roughly Ma took great for hair and took to his stinking Hole-guardhouse. It tore off with Ma sackcloth, and threw her to the scaffold the lusts of men.
     In a drunken impotence tormented and racked her body, seeking forbidden fruit. Tearing pieces of unclean hands Adolescent Anxious Body, twisted nipples Life of the Saints unblown buds. Dirty claws tore torment Consecrated Clans, Sacred Womb of Life on Blood, Death smoking meat.
      Sated Alien Pain, ordenonosnogo Satan intoxicating sensuality looked frozen in terror and pain of the eyes of his victims and lightning sizzling Hate thoroughly burned through her innocent child's soul.
     And the people who gave executioner right Death, Hundred Acre, vile and senseless, screaming and choking poisonous saliva, raged at the Scaffold, "Crucify her."
     Then Satan-man put on his boots, dragged naked, bleeding body to the door, and a mighty blow from which the Crunch broke not only bones, but also meat, vypnul her from Hell.
     The sky shuddered in horror from the unprecedented meanness, furious wind shot up, covered the girl's shame and impenetrable clouds omylo Opoganennoe Satan's body with her tears ...
     And in the distant and the most beautiful city on Earth, Devil incarnates in human form, and the owners of the People Executioners, after righteous works, poisoned world of death, were dissolved in the best theaters in the awe-Bo Divine Music of Great Composer and the Great Prima in dance on stage wove They Vyaz Magic Large and Pure human love ...

      Angels and moaning softly
     Child of torn.
     And the earth violently ear Death
     Man-sown by Satan,
     They were watered with the blood of the crucified Kids
     Saints and their Bodies fertilized.
               And Man became the Werewolf
               Hell Beast of the Underworld,
               tearing their Hatred
               vulnerable young one ...


Pure Ma.

      Anzheyka crouched flaws lay in waiting for Big Ma. Oyki Farewell Pain had broken his heart and he again became a death a small and defenseless.
     Suddenly screamed struck Heaven, Scream beating wind. Roof Kennel stomped clumsy, worn edges on lead firing of rain. Anzheyka lay quietly in solitude torn young one, listening to the impenetrable Eyes of Night, a cacophony of Terror suicide dying Autumn.
     Midnight raging wind sobbed Fury was the last time, and the rain stopped.
     Anzheyka got up and went out into the darkness. He stood at slushivayas to the beast, and, limping, went to the guardhouse.
     The sky raged ragged clouds. Hole in the Sky looked dead moon and has shed light on the hushed world.
     Ahead Anzheyki on Earth, lying bathed in rain Naked Body Big Ma. Side of the beast roared Chain. Anzheyka dropped to his knees and began quietly, with the shoulders, shake Ma. She did not respond. Raise Big Ma did not have enough forces. Anzheyka sat down next to Ma, undressed, and covered the nakedness of her torn, his rags. He took her hand and stood. Time has stopped ...
     Ma was bleeding, washing and cleaning their innocent She, opoganennoe man's body. And the holes torn by Soskov hungry, torn Child poilo his dying blood of the Holy Mother Earth.
     Her face grew thinner and lighter and start to glow softly in the Dead Silver Moon.
     Suddenly Ma opened her eyes, stared at the sky and saw his Abyssal Depths of Angel Face Anzheyki, Earthly pain of love. "I'm sorry ..." - the last time she breathed, and blood has washed her lips and the soul has left her innocent, pure Body. The world went out ...
     Anzheyka in silent stupor sat side by side, trying to warm the cooling hand of Big Ma.
     The clouds opened, letting the Holy Soul, Silver Moon and rushed to the Earth. The beast roared Chain, raised his muzzle to the moon and terrible, and a prolonged howl.
     Mortal Howling Beast Consciousness Anzheyki paralyzed. He also turned his face to the moon, stood on all fours and screamed wildly. It was not the howling beast. It was the cry of the Ecumenical Human Soul, pierced right through Death.
Something in him snapped and he lost consciousness.
     Woke up when the dawn. He sat down. For a long time without moving, sitting near The fixed Ma. Then he rose heavily. Touched her face Tear Farewell to departing to nowhere, and went to the Beast.
      The beast is not rushed to him, and anticipating something tragic in his life hard, not moving, staring at him. Andrzej stood next to the Beast, and touched his forehead to his cold nose, and breathing hard, and podvolakivaya man killed his leg, went to the station, leaving all in a terrible life.I Besprizornichyu followed him, saying goodbye and watched the frozen beast and open, eyes glazed, Ma ...

     Most Wise and Ma. A month later, she would have turned ten years old. And there was a heaven purer soul and body, Washed Tears of Heaven and Innocent Blood of the Innocent Child.

     And no one will have to explain to Little, Orphan and homeless patient quiet, native, born out of the Great and Holy Love of Anzheykam, the Divine word MAMA ...



     Freight train, quietly Creaking joints on corners, knocking on the Way In the car, away from wearing boots Vohra, settled a few homeless. They were going to      Nowhere, for any of their road was built to the light.
The main concepts of Power and the train was Urylnik, although everyone calls him short snout. It did not take offense, he was Good. His inverted face, burnt in a gas chamber, terrible grin like a bare skull-Dead Skeleton.
     But it seemed only the first time, and then look through all of this fit in the Living Mask of Death Urylnik secretly told me that he is a hero Countries Shmast He had created Mina, when he blew up on the Secret Order of the enemy General. And the Order, and Arms of him are kept in the secret place He did not believe, but not denied. Little Wonders is happening on the World.
     Recently, where they warmed themselves at the hole, a lame, too spoke about the miracle that had stolen a box of canned food, and all they gave away. He was also heard, but no one knew what lay miracle: that stole or is that distributed?
     But the miracle of the fact, and It's a miracle ... It is not clear

     a quiet creak of Human Truths
     Fate of doomed poured
     the endless song of Death ...


To be continued ...